About Briar (Erica Arborea, bruyere)

Briar is the root of a plant that grows generally in the Mediterranean climate and can grow up to 20-25 meters. It has a very durable and dense feature due to the hard and slippery structure called quartz it contains in it. Thanks to this unique feature, it is one of the plants with the highest density in the world. This is why Briar is flameproof. Briar must be 10-12 years old to reach this structure. 

Every process is very important, including the process of extracting from the soil, from processing to making it ready for pipe making. By cooking at very high temperatures for days, it reaches full performance by removing the bitter water and removing the residual substances. It is then necessary to bring the nicotine absorption capacity to the maximum level by drying and resting.

Although the first pipes made for smoking tobacco were made by shaping mud, today most of the pipes produced in the world are made with briar blocks.

It is known that briar root has been used in pipe making since the 1800s.